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The start of my Fit 4 Forty Journey

I have started my journey. I have 18 months until I turn 40 and wanted to set myself a realistic timeframe to start building new habits.

I am starting from ZERO. Literally 0. After a well balanced diet and fitness back in 2022, a busy distracted life just crashed my journey. It happens, and I can't beat myself up about it. It took going back to a full time job after maternity leave and a major house renovation to see me plummet. It creeped up on me and before I knew it, boom, I was a few stone heavier, eating junk food and not doing any fitness. I miss the 2022 me.

The reflection:

In 2022 I was desperate to look after myself after having a baby (child number 3). It was all slightly traumatic - I had preeclampsia and that was the first time I thought my body had 'let me down'. I had to deliver my baby 5 weeks early and there was no way I would let that spiral me. I wasn't particularly healthy before. I had Covid pretty badly back in March 2020 but other than that no real health complaints.

I had suffered from post-natal depression when I had my first children (twins) back in 2015/16. I did not want to get into the same trap this time.

I had a blood test recently as I have serve fatigue, regular migraines and wanted to get to the bottom of it. It came back that I was very low in vitamin D and also have high cholesterol.

I asked my Dr for some support and advice and was unfortunately not motivated by her response. "Do more exercise and eat a balanced diet" was the extent of the advice I got, as well as taking vitamin D tablets.

My goals:

This isn't just about a weight-loss journey, this is a health kick. Knocking of the door of 40 isn't necessarily filling me with fear - I do however know how the hormonal changes will make things harder if I don't try and get a head start.

I have some clear goals set out:

  1. Improve and nurture my mental health

  2. Feel comfortable in my own skin  have pride in my clothes

  3. Lower my cholesterol and improve vitamin D

  4. To run a 1/2 marathon

  5. Give myself a head start entering peri-menopause

  6. Establish the right foundations for my kids

I am on a discovery journey, so will blog any interesting hints and tips that have helped me on the journey.

Reach out to me if you have anything interesting to help fellow Fit 4 Forty'ers.

Good luck if you are on your journey - YOU CAN DO IT!

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