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Day 1 - Fit 4 Forty fitness

I finally dusted off my Brooks trainers, they were a tad tight (!) and stuffed myself into some old Sweaty Betty joggers and neon top.

I felt super self conscious - last time I went out in these was over a year ago and everything is just a bit tighter than I remember (!)

I took my pal Fudge (dog) harnessed up and on a running lead and headed off with no real plan. I just knew I needed to run. I wanted to try and hit the 30 minute total run mark. It felt good, and wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

I got to the 15 minute point and didn't want to turn around and head home - I wanted to push for the 5k total run distance, so kept going.

It was an amazing day outside and I really enjoyed the peace and quite from what I just left at home (3 kids running wild).

I got home an clocked up 4.9k on my stravva, so unleashed the dog and home and sprinted until I got my 5k!

I was happy with my stats, although now want a watch to measure other stats like heart rate etc. I looked back to a time when I was running more frequently and my 5ks usually took me 36 minutes. I was just happy to get out today!

I am usually awful at hydrating post run which usually results into a migraine or the urge to eat junk food. I drank plenty of water and now (typing this up 12 hours later) feel great.

I can't wait until my next run, the plan is a morning run before work - or lunch run.

I struggle with motivation, so this blog is acting as an accountability coach! I need to do this. I CAN do this.

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